Monday, March 19, 2007

It's official!

Or at least the one way ticket is non-refundable....
I'll be leaving for Venezuela on Tuesday evening and getting to Merida on Wednesday morning. It will be a big day for me physically: 18 hours of travel. Bring it on. I am ready for the next challenge and I am ready to see some familiar and dearly loved faces at the Merida airport. That's enough to get me through any airport weariness or patience-wearing situation. And hopefully I won't get into too much trouble without Bryon always asking me where my passport is...sheesh! The man is relentless. Although it's not entirely little incident and now I have a reputation.
I have two days left here in Kansas. My mom took some time off from work, so we'll get to have some good, quality time together before I leave. I am excited about that time and blessed to have it, too.


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Matt Mikalatos said...

Welcome home.

--Super Jefe

Jane said...

Emily, I found your blog through my cousin Andy McCullough's blog. I was thrilled to see someone from Campus Crusade working in Venezuela. My husband, a United Methodist minister, and I do a LOT of mission work in VZ. In fact, we have a seminary in Barquisimeto and about 25 Methodist churches. We are absolutely in love with VZ and its' wonderful people. I just wanted to wish you well. I pray that your health is better and that you will have a marvelous ministry with the students in Merida. I have not had the privilege of visiting there, my husband gets altitude sickness and passed through there but it was very hard for him.
May God richly bless you and keep you safe and may many young people come to know Christ through you.