Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Praying for a car

One thing that's been interesting about living at my parent's new house is the fact that the three of us share 2 cars, live 20 miles out of town, and have really different schedules. We're juggling things around well enough, but it would be a huge blessing if the Lord would provide a vehicle for me in some way. I've had to laugh sometimes about my mom dropping me off for work, waiting for my stepdad to come pick me up, or my personal favorite: my mom leaving messages for me with the coffee shop guy who makes me my Earl Grey tea while I work and wait for my parents to show up. Oh, no, that's not embarassing at all.


seth ervin said...

listen here. Who you trying to impress? You been clear around the world. Coffee shop dude hasn't. Anyways these embarrassing times make for good stories when were old. Grandkids will stare at you in amazement, and think you were a wild thing back in 2007.

Emily said...

Funny. Impressing the coffee shop boy I am not. This morning I forgot how to order coffee in English, got really confused and then just asked for it "brown." In Venezuela, that means something. In Texas that means I am a moron.

Ivan said...

I'm so glad to read your blog. I'm praying for a car as well, and hope He'll grant both our prayers =)