Friday, July 04, 2008

Parading Around

This year we did the 4th of July parade the way the locals do: from the back of the pickup (which we strategically parked last night for a primo view). We're Texans now, I guess.
My brother tells me (and rightly so) that I have the reflexes of a dead cat. So you can imagine all of our surprise when I caught the piece of candy thrown at me by a passing parader.
This is for real: there was a roller derby float. And here I was thinking that was just an invention of cable television.
And then the local weather guy went walking by and I got all excited. Seriously, Doppler Dave is the man.
And I just can't leave out the cute little old lady sitting in front of us. Kind of a sassy thing, don't you think?

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Six Oak Farm said...

Looks like Hope or Larry will be joining the family.