Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Beginnings

It seemed, at times, that this moment would never arrive.  But here it is:  moving day.  All of my financial support came in on Thursday night.  (Interestingly enough I had been praying that I would be done raising support by August 15th and with a fluke phone call on the night of the 14th God brought in every last dollar.  Praise the Lord!)
By Friday I had the official green light to go ahead and move, so here it is Sunday morning and I am getting ready to pull out of the driveway in just a couple of hours.  
Trusty Jeff Gordon (the car) is all packed with plenty of room for Hannah to copilot.  We'll spend the day driving across southern Colorado on our way to visit some of our bestest friends Heidi and Brandon in Fort Collins.  Then it's off to meet the new team and new roommates in Salt Lake.  Standing on the brink of great adventure and the next big chapter in life it all feels a bit surreal.  
Add to that the fact that it's been exactly one year since I arrived at my parents' home in Texas.  I'm not one to remember dates and put great significance in them.  But it just so happens that today is my birthday, and I'm laughing to remember that last year I spent my birthday driving with my mom from Fort Collins to Texas.  Ha!

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