Monday, January 19, 2009

Three reasons why I love what I do

I'd like you to meet (from left to right) Jackie, Amie, and Josh.  They're cozied up with "Aunt Em," a Westminster College landmark on Halloween afternoon (which explains the fairy wings).  These three students have been a great highlight to my time in Utah so far.  
Even though they all attend the same small school, they didn't really get to know each other until our fall retreat.  And I'd say about a week after that they became something akin to the Musketeers.  
Each Wednesday morning they make the ultimate sacrifice that college students can make: they wake up early and meet us in their dining hall at 8am.  This is the only time that they can all get together with us and their commitment to showing up each week is so sweet.  
Westminster is a small, private liberal arts college.  The students that attend are intimidatingly intelligent.  More than once I've found myself telling Jackie, "Well, it's not like you snuck in here on the Stupid Scholarship."  Their intelligence and their passion have combined, at the moment, to create an environment that seems very hostile to the Gospel.  
This is the environment where Josh, Jackie and Amie live.  And these are the students that they are committed to reaching.  Jackie told me one day, "I think God brought me from Oregon to Utah just to reach this campus."  She and Josh are both freshmen, but already desiring to take leadership in their movement on campus.  Honestly, I can't wait to see what God does with this group in the next 3 years.  
Take a moment, would you, and pray with me that God will continue to give us vision for reaching Westminster College with the Gospel.  Pray that He would use these students to introduce others to life-changing relationships with Jesus.


Matt Mikalatos said...

Great post, Emily. I'm praying for you and them.

Anonymous said...

Was this after or before Josh and Amie started dating? lol