Wednesday, February 03, 2010

"It is my first time play bowling."

Once a month we combine the men's and women's small groups at Westminster and do some sort of social activity. Last night we went bowling.
One of the newest additions to our small group this semester is a young woman that just moved to Westminster as an international student from China. She is a Christian, and since I'm not sure if there are any security issues for her, I won't post her picture or use her real name. I'll just call her Kelly. Kelly doesn't speak too much English yet, but she's so outgoing that it doesn't seem to make a difference. She was excited to go bowling and doubly excited to have remembered her camera.
As we were walking in from the parking lot we noticed Kelly had fallen behind. Why? She was standing in the middle of the parking lot taking a picture of the front of the bowling alley. Pictures, pictures, everywhere.
Kelly, it turns out, had some beginner's luck. After her first spare she was jumping and screaming and announced to our group, "See, I told you Chinese people is smart." After her second spare she was running so excitedly to high-five me that she almost ran over another student who stepped in to congratulate her. Her enthusiasm was contagious.
As we were leaving and complimenting her on her bowling accomplishments she just said over and over, "Thank you. You so friendly."
I can't wait until she gets some more English under her belt and is able to communicate with us more clearly. Something tells me she's got a lot of great stories to share.

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