Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stolen goods in an offshore account.

I waver. Just how smart is the dog, I wonder? There are times where she seems to know exactly what's going on and how to push my buttons. Like how she used to poop right outside of my bedroom door as a puppy, or how she peed in my bed when I'd been gone too long and then just watched me with innocence in her eyes as I crawled between the sheets. Or the time that I found a large kitchen knife carefully placed across the doorway to her kennel. Should I be sleeping with one eye open, Dog?
But sometimes she's not too bright, like when Brian and Beth play hide and seek with her and it takes her forever to find Brian hiding behind the chair...the same place he was the last time they played the game...2 minutes ago.
Today we came home and saw that the dogs had broken into the closet and helped themselves to the bag of rawhide chews. Clever. Needless to say we were greeted by happy dogs and a pile of bones. Hannah took one out to the yard to hide for later. She's never been great at burying things, but that hasn't stopped her from making an effort. I noticed her flinging the landscaping rock around with her snout and decided to investigate. This is what I found:

Again, I waver. Is this lunacy or out of the box thinking at its finest? Either way, she's got some work to do on the burying skills. But I'll at least give her some creativity points.

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Julie said...

Oh Hannah-bil. How I miss thee! :)