Monday, April 18, 2011


One of my neighbors has an obnoxious habit of throwing his cigarette butts and empty packs on the ground. Occasionally, in what I sincerely believe is a twisted effort to pick up after himself, he tosses the empty packs behind the bushes. There they become invisible to the whole world...unless, of course, anyone happens to be looking out my windows at my striking bushfront view. It's tricky to get to the litter behind the bushes due to the spiky foliage, dog waste in the garden in front of the bushes...shockingly due to the same neighbor, and the bee's nest. What I really need is one of those old man pick-em, poke-em reacher sticks to give me some extra arm length.
This morning I opened the blinds with a, "You've got to be kidding me," as I saw the above combination of litter. That's right. An empty pack of smokes and an inhaler. It's a dark sort of irony that brings a head shake of disbelief more than a laugh.


Judy said...

Just in time for Earth Day - April 22nd! Put an invite on his door to help celebrate the event and get involved. This year's theme for him will be - 'look around, and get a clue'.

Beth Woodward said...

Emily! Okay, so I want to call and catch up about life, running, ect. This isn't blog post-y, but I'll text you to figure out a time! Anyway, your story is cracking me up in its similarity to this 30 Rock episode: Scroll to 5:30. Hilar.