Monday, August 28, 2006

On our way!

It's almost here: departure day. The whole team is here and financial support for the four of us north americans is in (we still have 2 Venezuelan women who are working hard to finish raising theirs) and for that we are giving great thanks to the Lord! It's been so fun to see the way He's provided financially over the past few weeks. The Lord raised up a handful of champions (you know who you are) to fight on my behalf and help me reach a seemingly impossible goal of full financial support. Thank you.
Please pray for our team as we prepare to leave the country for the next 9-11 months. Pray that we will say goodbye to friends/family/culture well and be ready to step into life in Venezuela wholeheartedly. Pray for safety in our travels on Tuesday and Wednesday. Pray for wisdom for Bryon and I as we lead our team into this coming year and start making plans for the ministry. Pray that our team (Emily, Bryon, Sam, and Amber) continues to grow in love and appreciation for one another and that we would love Jesus well together.
(I'll post a picture as soon as I get ahold of one).

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Alexis said...

Exciting stuff! I'll be praying for you guys, enjoy your travels.

Grace, peace, and rock 'n' roll