Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Big Day

Waiting became a group activity. Belle helped keep Tazz company all day long and even helped break in the whelping box. She left me to handle the phone calls from folks wanting play-by-plays. What a pal. Thanks, Belle.

Finally, Tazz's water broke just after midnight (how come nobody told me it would be green?!? kind of a gross surprise, if you ask me). And we all spent a sleepless night waiting for something to happen. At 7am the first puppy showed up and within an hour the total was up to 5. The last 3 must have been busy doing their make-up and didn't sneak into the mix until a couple hours later. The late ones were all girls...wouldn't you know it.
The final breakdown: 5 girls and 3 boys. (Mary T, you're the big winner with your guess of 8).

Once the puppies grow a little bit, get names and stop looking like gerbils, I will post some more photos.


Matt Mikalatos said...

I bet she has one more in there.

Six Oak Farm said...

While I am biased, let me tell you, Emily is the one to be there.
Last week we evacuated ponies from fire. This week, she delivered puppies to this world.
All 8 are doing great. Emily is tired and Taz ia really tired.
Lift the glass to Em and Tazz (high octane calcium is preferred)

Emily said...

Matt, if another one appears I'll be sure to name it after you.