Friday, June 13, 2008


No one loves 100 degree weather more than a pregnant woman. Between the heat and the puppies that are due any minute now. all our poor little buddyTazz can do is wait.
This week I'm taking care of our friends' house and dogs and maybe, just maybe, I'll be helping Tazz deliver some puppies. It's my rookie year as a midwife, so I'm banking on nature to cover my back on this one.
The photo doesn't do Tazz's swelling justice, but trust me, she's enormous. When she lays on the floor her whole belly is alive with who knows how many puppies jostling around like a pack of WWF wrestlers. Either that or I am about to witness the next sequel in the Alien series before it hits theaters. I'd prefer the former.
Remember those games where you have to guess how many jellybeans are in the jar? Let's play our own version. Go ahead and leave your guess in the comment box.
Here are our family guesses:
Deb: 12
Emily: 11 puppies and 1 kitten


Matt Mikalatos said...


Eileen said...

Hi Emily,
I am guessing ten. I hope all goes well!

Mary T said...

i vote for 8 and I think I want one of them

Kelo said...

Lucky 13. (Since 8-12 is taken!) :-) Go Tazz!

Emily said...

Sharon's vote by proxy:10

Six Oak Farm said...

Let me say, Emily is the consumate professional. When Tazz starts to pant, so do I.
Tazz loves Em. Emily had 3 hours off tonight. After dinner a la Duane, I boogied home. Anything to induce labor.
She is in good hands with Great guidance.

Taylor said...

um, 12 and a half?