Saturday, October 16, 2010

Arachnophobes, skip this one.

We have a dog that barks. A lot. Mostly it's at birds or the horses standing on the other side of his fence. When he was standing barking at the wall, I decided to check it out first before scolding him.
Not sure if I took the Lord's name in vain, or was asking for His protection with what I shouted next. Either way, the dog sat down like he was in big-time trouble. But this, my friends, is what was on the patio wall.

I am not sure if this is an actual tarantula or just a tarantula-sized spider.

I don't usually get worked-up about a spider. I'm from the NORTH, folks. We have stuff like this. It's safely locked in a cage at a zoo. We just have the little guys to deal with. Definitely nothing bigger than a quarter. And my spider philosophy has always been to either coexist or shut-up and kill it without making a fuss.
But THIS?! This giant?! Now, before anyone gets all PETA, spider's got-a-right-to-life on me, let me explain: for the past 2 months between the kitten, the dogs, and the sheer audacity of the little critters, I've caught at least a dozen live frogs in the house, the kitten brings in dead toads, and live mice that she's playing with.
"Osama!" (That's what I call the cat for her terrorist activities) "If I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times, PICK UP YOUR TOYS!"
(I realize the picture I just painted sounds a bit really isn't. My parents have a very nice home.)
But with that background, suddenly seeing a spider that will probably get into a wrestling match with the kitten and the victor likely dragging the defeated into the house....however that one turns out...I give the cat a 50/50 shot. OR this spider could very well walk up to the back door and use one of its bajillion legs to turn the knob and walk right in, tip-toe to my bedroom and crawl into the empty space next to me. You see my point. Immediate and lethal action was the only way to go. Read: step dad.
"Tarantula? Well, it is that time of year, I guess."
Not exactly the reassurance I was hoping for, but he did kill it dead. And that was all I wanted.

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He has his moments.