Sunday, September 17, 2006

A complete team.

Finally, our team feels complete. Claudia and Angye have been here in Merida for a week already. It's amazing the amount of life that these two women bring to the team and to our apartment. So, for me, that makes a grand total of 3 roommates with contagious enthusiasm and laughter. Sometimes I wonder what our neighbors think with all of the laughing that spills out of our doorway and into the hallway. I am so blessed by my roommates! We seemed to connect from the very first moment they stepped off the bus here in Merida (and at 5am that's no small feat!) and things have only gotten better from there.

The roommates: Emily, Angye, Amber, Claudia

Both Angye and Claudia are in the process of raising their financial support. As a team we are trusting the Lord to bring them both to full financial support by October 14th. For Angye that's about $400 in monthly support left to raise, while Claudia needs closer to $700 per month. They'll be raising support both through Venezuelan contacts and friends in the US and spending the majority of their workdays focusing on financial support. Once they are at full support, then they will be joining the rest of the team in daily ministry activities on-campus. Please pray with us for Claudia and Angye's full financial support by October 14th.

This week Bryon and I will begin focusing our planning times on the details of ministry. We'll be making decisions about each team member's responsibilities both on-campus and within the team. We will also continue mapping out the calendar for the year and thinking through how we will work with our student leaders. Our first day of ministry on-campus will be the first day of classes, September 25th. Please pray for continued for continued wisdom on our part, as we make decisions and takes steps of faith with our plans. Pray also that we will make decisions and lead our team in such a way that they are equipped and enthusiastic to dive headfirst into all that God has for the ULA students this year.

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So, what happened with the housing?