Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Things to pray for

As I mentioned in my previous post, this first week has been busy for us. We've been trying to figure out our living situation for this next year. Currently, we have two apartments, but are trying to decide if this is the best place for us to be, or if we should further pursue an apartment search in a different complex.
  • Please pray for wisdom for Bryon and I as we make our housing decisions. Thankfully we have a lawyer-friend from church, Rosanna, who is also helping us tremendously as we look at our options. Please pray that Rosanna will continue to give us wise counsel throughout this process.
  • Sam and Amber are in language school this week. For Sam, it's a continuation of the Spanish studies he's already done in the state. For Amber, it's the first time she's had formal language education. Please pray for their learning. Amber is such a communicator and I can tell it's frustrating for her to be so limited by language.
  • While those two are in class, Bryon and I spend our days planning and making decisions. Please pray for us as we ask God to show us His plans for our team and our students this year.
  • On Sunday our Venezuelan teammates, Angye and Claudia, will arrive! Please pray for them as they continue to raise their financial support. For both of them, this will be their first time away from home and families. Please pray that we will welcome them well and be sensitive to their needs. We are so excited for them to arrive!


Mike & Aileen Kindsfater said...

I'm glad you guys made it there safe! We surely will be praying for you.

Robert Kingsley said...

My prayers are with you and I'm so excited for you all. I will be praying that everything goes has the Lord see's fit.

Taylor said...

It sounds like you made the trip there fun even if it did take 2 days. :) I'm praying for you this afternoon, for wisdom, language learning, the interns, and housing. Love you!

Carolyn Culbertson said...

Hi Emily, thanks for putting things to pray aobut on the blog.
I am glad you got there- and glad that the storm in Miami was not my fault - unlike some of John's travel adventures...