Friday, December 15, 2006

At the window

This morning I've been watching the snow fall outside my window here in Bozeman.
It's been almost 2 years since I've seen this sort of weather and I can't help but think that God had blessing me in mind when He made today's weather.
Yes, I have very much enjoyed seeing friends in my time here, but one of the biggest things that I've been silently enjoying is the weather. I know it sounds silly but I am absolutely loving walking around in my friend's puffy winter coat, all zipped-in and warm except for feeling the cold air on my face. Call me simple, but I love it.


Mike & Aileen Kindsfater said...

Hey simple,

Enjoy the cold and snow for us too. Right now I'm sweating from the use of my fingers as I type this note.

Mike & Aileen Kindsfater said...

and if you have a time, write my name in the snow for me... it doesn't have to be in yellow.

Emily said...

If either of you Kindsfaters is named Angel, consider it done.

Brian said...

yeah, you can call me jealous. all i can cling to is the fact we had 11 inches of rain in november. we used to get 8 inches of rain in a year back home.

on the bright side, i can cry at sappy commercials and tell everyone its rain. not that i do that. its just a perk. a hypothetical perk.

ugh. i can feel all you cyber missionaries judging me.