Thursday, December 07, 2006

Getting it.

Sometimes we come across those people who are just ready to hear the Gospel. Pedro was one of those people. I met him at our weekly meeting on the humanities campus on Wednesday. He had come all the way across town from the pharmacy campus just for our Vida Estudiantil meeting.
Amber and I lead a discussion group for new people during the second half of our meeting. This past week Pedro was the only new student. He shared with us that he had come to the Humanities campus several times with the intention of coming to our meeting, several times had stood in the doorway and never entered thinking, "What am I doing here?"
Amber and I looked at each other and exchanged a look that said, "We know exactly why you're here," and we began to share the Gospel with him.
Now, we share our faith all the time. And we even see lots of people receive Christ, but I'd say Pedro (like Natacha) is one of the most striking instances of someone being ready. As we shared with Pedro it was absolutely incredible to watch his face. When we explained how man is separated from God by sin and there is nothing we can do in our own effort bridge the gap, it hit him like a ton of bricks. His face fell and he truly felt the desperation of our situation without Christ. And the joy that came to his face when we explained that there is hope for reconcilliation with God! We showed him a diagram that shows Jesus as the only bridge that can cover the distance between a Holy God and sinful man. I'm sure that if Pedro could have jumped into the diagram and run across the bridge he would have at that very moment! It was a beautiful thing to watch the Lord at work in Pedro's heart that day. Please pray that Pedro continues to respond to God's pursuit of his heart, that he will get connected with students in our movement and begin growing in his faith.

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Jamie said...

You should make T-shirts for Pedro! Hmmmmm....where have I seen that idea before?

So good to have more praises to read on your blog....for your online stalker, it was a highlight of the day! Yes, sometimes I check your site multiple times in a day, just in the hopes that something new and exciting is happening in Venezuela.

I can't wait to see ya soon Em and hear more awesome stories and how you are doing!