Monday, December 11, 2006

Bloggin' for Jamie

This one goes out to you, Jamie B.
I'm actually writing this post from Bozeman, Montana. I'll be here for a week to be a part of some wedding celebrating. It's a bit strange to be away from life in Venezuela, but it's such a blessing and joy to be here with so many dear friends.
The day before we left Venezuela I was able to have a really fun conversation with a girl who's very involved in the ministry, Elvia. I challenged her to consider being a part of a delegation of students from Venezuela that we are hoping to send to a worldwide conference in Korea. (Check it out at ). We are challenging about 15 students from Merida who are committed to the ministry and the mission of seeing university students reached for Christ.
Anyway, it's a short story without an end, but it's something that I get really excited about. I love challenging students to take steps of faith, and for the students that accept this challenge it will certainly be a faith-building experience as they attempt to raise $3,000 each to cover travel costs. It's a lot to raise for a US student, and for our students in Venezuela it's exceptionally daunting...that's over one year's rent on my apartment, if you want to put it into perspective.
That, however, is what I LOVE about this challenge. Truly, these students will be trusting God for something impossible and I can't wait for them to see Him show up.

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Jamie said...

Thanks so much Emily....SOMEHOW you knew I would be reading this sometime soon. See you in the next few days. I'll be in Bozeman Wednesday! WAHOO!