Friday, February 16, 2007

Some answers!

I'm slowly adjusting to the winter temperatures here at home. I'll admit to becoming more of a pansy after the so much time in Venezuela. Thankfully my brother's dog, Athene, has adopted me and I've been grateful for her warmth and company...not to mention the fact that she made for a very low-maintenance Valentine's Day date. (Take-out Chinese, in case you're wondering...and she didn't even eat off my plate. I know, my standards are high).
AND it is my great joy to inform you that we have an answer regarding my health! Doctors here think that a previous illness threw some of my body chemistry out of whack and that is the cause of the fatigue that I've been experiencing. The best news? It's an easy fix. A little medication and some simple changes to my daily routine and I should be right on track. We don't know exactly how long it will take for a full recovery, but we are hopeful and still praying for March 4th. Overall, I am encouraged...ready to take on the world (or at least the walk to my mailbox) and excited to rejoin the crew back in Merida. I sure do love my team!
Recently I've been blessed by people from all over the world (some of whom I do not even know!) who are praying for my health and my team. It's been both encouraging and humbling as I continue learning just how much I need other people. Thank you.


emily said...

Praise God! I'll keep praying that you make it back by March 4th! I hope that the rest of your time at home is awesome!

Mike and Aileen said...

YAY! Big sighs of relief here in Bolivia... Praise God, Praise God!!

We still be praying.

Amber Michelle said...

and your team LOVES you! we cant wait to see you and we are trusting the Lord to bring you back March 4th. besos!

TeamHibbs said...

good to hear Em :) praying you get stronger each day. jen