Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Barefoot Interlude

In the midst of the healing and waiting, I've done a bit of barefoot shuffling up and down the driveway. Exercise and exposure to sunlight are two things I can to do help boost my brain's serotonin production. I'll admit that while I was so exhausted, I did a lot more sitting in the sunshine than exercising.
But the attractive thing about barefoot running was that I am still at the point where I'm just toughening up my feet and should really only go for a few minutes a day. It was a perfect fit!

So now I've been doing much better for 5 whole days and I am starting to get a bit more adventurous. My feet are tough enough now that I can handle the loose pea gravel of our lightly traveled street. Over the weeks I've progressed from a patiently standing on that sharp junk, to hobbling, then slow, wincing steps, then a grandma shuffle, and now a normal brisk walk. It is pretty cool!
I made it to the end of our street today for the first time. And I had the fun realization that once I get down the 1/10th mile of our sharp street, I'm on a more highly traveled road, which feels like butter.
Things might get exciting here soon. So, the barefoot experiment has outlasted the free pedicure at least. Meh, we'll see. No promises, though.

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