Monday, September 20, 2010

Long Overdue: Venezuela. The People Shots

Our team with Keith after a day of sharing on the Geography campus.

Bethany, Keith, Emily. We were all pretty exhausted by this point in the evening. Keith was pretending like he didn't take an overnight bus to come visit. Also pretending like he actually got hot water in his shower. Also pretending like he wasn't about to get on another overnight bus to go back home.

Erin, Emily, and Brenna.

Bethany O., Dave, Aaron, and Grace at Mogambo's restaurant.

Erin, Bethany O., Danielle, Brenna, Leah, and Jenn (front) after a weekly meeting on the Forestry campus.

Me with my very tiny friend Elvia at an outreach Fiesta. I kind of forgot she was up there. I carry a heavier pack when I go backpacking.

Outreach Fiesta. Because it's not salsa or merengue, we'll call it "dancing like white people."

JJ, Bethany S., Luis, Yuliana, Emily, and Wale. They said, "make a face." Check.

Got to love a zoo where you can touch the monkeys. Liability laws? Who needs 'em?

Mid-project retreat....we ran really hard on-campus and took a couple of days to play hard, too. Lots of screaming on the zipline!

Hammock wonderland!

I taught them all the Preston family tradition of upside-down hammock hanging. Bethany took this as an invitation to a personal, cushioned hammock. Joke's on her. It was just a steely mass of muscle. Posture-pedic hammock, I guess.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, Erin would like to demonstrate for you the proper way to apply insect attention. This is serious. She teaches elementary schoolers.

Yeah, she thought that was pretty funny, too. Thanks for your rapt attention, folks. Cookies and chocolate milk for everyone!

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